HVC Mission & History


The Hickory Velo Club (HVC) advocates for the rights of all cyclists on the road and on the trail. We are dedicated to the furtherance of all aspects of bicycling.

The mission of the club is to bring together all people who have a common interest in, and a passion for, cycling – in a safe and welcoming environment.

As ambassadors of our sport, the Hickory Velo Club recognizes our responsibility to bicycle in a safe and responsible manner.


On paper, the Hickory Velo Club was founded in 2004, but its roots stretch back to the mid-1990s. At the time, many of Hickory’s most-active cyclists were looking to create a more formal entity, one that would employ greater organization and communication around regularly scheduled rides, while providing enhanced focus on community engagement and rider safety.  

Over the years, club membership has, of course, ebbed and flowed, peaking at over 100 individuals. Our membership presently stands at around 85, as we continue to battle back from the adverse impact the pandemic had on our ranks.

Some current members of our community are road riders, while others prefer mountain biking. Of late, we have seen an increase in gravel ridership and an uptick in cyclocross participation. Not surprisingly, many in our club enjoy “all of the above.”

Additionally, the club has been an active partner in Hickory’s annual bike-safety rodeo for youngsters, marked the annual national Ride of Silence, and “showed out” at area fundraising rides for nonprofits.

During the height of the cycling season (March through October), the club has regularly scheduled rides (across a variety of skill levels) most days of the week, some in the morning and others in the evening.

We endeavor to provide a collegial cycling atmosphere for riders of all abilities, whether you categorize yourself as “super-fast” or you’re more “leisurely” (or perhaps somewhere in between).

With the HVC, there’s a group and a ride for you! Join us!