Bicycle rides for Tuesday & Thursday evenings departing from the Rock N Road Bicycle shop parking lot at 6:00 PM.

The routes are classified by the following groupings:

A Group: Typically the average speed of the group will be in the low twenties.  Do not expect much in the way of regrouping in the middle of a route, but the group will wait on riders when safety becomes an issue.

B Group: Typically the pace will run 17-19 mph average. This group tends to wait on others along the route and attempts to regroup. If the route is flatter, do not expect the average to stay around the lower end of this range as it could creep to around 20 or 21mph depending on route and who is on the ride.

C Group: Typically 15-17 mph average pace, depending on terrain. The group will regroup at intersections and at the top of climbs and tends to be more “friendly” so no one should get dropped.

D Group: 13-15 mph average.  For casual riders who would like to move along at a more leisurely pace. The group will take rest stops as needed and slower riders will get a chance to catch their breath before rolling on.  This ride is intended for riders with moderate experience who are comfortable riding the posted distance.

It is up to each rider to choose the group that best fits his or her capability.  Please arrive early and be prepared to leave a few minutes before the posted ride time.  Make sure your bike is mechanically sound and you have all the proper safety equipment.  Helmets are required on all Hickory Velo Club rides.  Headphones, ear buds, etc are NOT allowed.  Flashing lights are highly recommended.  Carrying a cell phone and a route sheet or map aren’t bad ideas either.

These rides are informal HVC club rides.

All riders ride at their own risk and should be self-sufficient.

All riders should be HVC members and should have signed a Waiver of Liability.

Bicycle rides Saturday mornings departing from the Carolina Pedal Works Bicycle shop at 8:30 AM


Coffee ride anyone? We’ll be rolling out at 8:30 AM for a loop ride ending back at the shop for after ride coffees. Chill pace, no drops! Check in with CPW’s on Friday prior to ride for updated route info.